Aaron Iha grew up in and around his father’s automotive repair shop. Dyno Tune, which his father opened in Covina, California before Aaron was born. Now, Aaron runs Chassis by Aaron in the shop that his father built. Wrenching on cars since he was a young kid, Aaron developed an interest in trucks at a young age while working alongside his dad. Aaron received a truck of his own from his father–an 89′ Chevy which he set about fixing up and customizing. Hydraulics was the first adjustable suspension that Aaron tinkered before focusing on bags for ease of maintenance. After high school, Aaron entered Cal Poly Pomona where he studied in the school’s well-regarded Engineering Department. There he learned techniques that would translate to his hobby and eventually set his work apart from that of the other shops. After a few years at school and an internship at Toro Sprinklers in engineering, he took a risk and decided to open his own custom shop in 2004.

At first, Aaron handled all of the work, but as the name got out and his client base grew, a new system for work and more employees were needed. Eventually the team clicked and an assembly line style of production ensured each job was organized and turned out in a timely manner. Once a job is scheduled Aaron starts the design of the project. That’s when the computers start humming, the wrenches start turning and the TIG welders get fired up. It is at this point that Aaron’s engineering experience comes into play. Each job, whether a full chassis build or a bag job, is set up and designed in CAD on the computer, then parts are laserjet cut, bent or made in-house. The team of Aaron, Ben Dodd, and Chris Hernandez disassemble a truck, cataloging every part, nut, and bolt. Ben then takes the reins turning Aaron’s design into reality, with Chris wrapping it all up. As the shop also features a full automotive repair station, every inch of the vehicle is looked over and run through the computer to ensure that it is in better running condition than when it came into the shop. All the air lines are steel braided for reliabilty; Aaron stresses that the shop builds vehicles to be driven without worry. Aside from suspension, Aaron also handles any kind of custom fabrication or bodywork needed for the build.

As his business grew, Aaron brought his wife, Christine, to handle the books, payroll, sponsors and other aspects of the business to keep it organized. Aaron has continuously reinvested back into the shop with the goal of putting out a better product. “Each new project is an opportunity to improve and push the sport to the next level,” says Aaron, “I am fortunate enough that my customers allow us to put our imagination and skills the their vehicles and turn them into works of art.”